⚠️Updated: May-29, 2023: Subo now requires permissions to ****Manage threads, Send Messages in Threads, Create Public Threads and Create Private Threads

Please change the bot’s permissions in Discord with Server Settings > Roles > Subo the Survey Bot > Permissions


This allows Subo to create and post in private threads and get rid of temporary channels. Private threads have a lot of advantages over temporary channels. They open neatly under the original message, are more private (they do not include server admins), and come with fewer limitations (no limit per server or category).

TLDR Minimum permissions required

👇Scroll down for more information: why some permissions are mandatory, what the optional permissions give you, and how to change your permissions in your server.

Minimum and recommended permissions to use Subo

Subo recommends the following permissions.

Recommended permissions

Recommended permissions

A few of these permissions are nice-to-haves to give you access to more features. Here is the minimum set of permissions, without which the app will not be working properly.

Minimum permissions

Minimum permissions

Permissions in details: why the app needs each permissions

Let’s review permissions one by one.